Pelikan Souverän M1000 Renaissance Brown Fountain Pen


◆筆飾鍍24K金,配18K金M1000 特大軟彈筆尖,可選EF、F、M、B尖


【可能係2024年最令人期待嘅Pelikan 鋼筆】
Pelikan M1000好耐都冇出過新嘅顏色(唔計蒔繪款),今年竟然復刻咗2017年M800嘅 Renaissance Brown😍

◆筆飾鍍24K金,配18K金M1000 特大軟彈筆尖,可選EF、F、M、B尖

如果你miss咗M800 Renaissance Brown,就千祈唔好錯過新嘅呢一支啦!🖋️

【Pelikan’s Most Anticipated Release of 2024?】

It’s been a long time since Pelikan last released a new color for the M1000 model(other than the Maki-e series), but this year they’ve outdone themselves by reviving the beloved 2017 M800 Renaissance Brown! 😍

◆ Crafted with a stunning pearly acrylic in warm brown and crème-colored shades
◆ Together with the iconic Pelikan beak clip and elegant 24kt gold-plated rings
◆ Extraordinary writing experience thanks to the large 18kt gold nib, available in EF / F / M / B.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history – get your hands on the Pelikan M1000 Renaissance Brown today! 🖋️

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Length: 14.6 cm with closed cap
Weight: 32.6 g

Weight 0.6 kg
Brand 品牌

Pen Model 筆款

Pelikan M1000 Basis

Nib Material 筆尖物料

18K Gold

Nib Size 筆尖

EF – Extra Fine 極細, F – Fine 細, M – Medium 中, B – Broad 粗

Colour 顏色

Brown 啡色

Trim Colour 筆飾顏色

Gold Plated Trim 鍍金筆夾

Filling Mechanism 上墨方式

Piston 活塞上墨

Body Material 筆身物料

Resin 樹脂

Cap Type 筆蓋類型

Screw Cap 扭蓋

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