SHIKIORI Inks for Sound of Rain series

A writing instrumentals and inks that captures the feeling of the four seasons, the nature of Japan.
These inks for SHIKIORI fountain pens, Sound of rain series released in November 2020.

While the name of the fountain pen comes from the rain, the inks are named after onomatopoeic words associated with rain. Like the color of the fountain pens, the inks are inspired by the gradual change of plants and trees throughout the seasons, and the scene of rain and after rain, and is a lineup of light, slightly cloudy colors.

Various ways of calling the rain change with the seasons. The beautiful Japanese language with its delicate sensibility. Please enjoy the combination of fountain pens and inks.


品牌 Brand: 日本 寫樂 / Japan Sailor
型號 Item: SA
顏色 Color :


Beige – MF, Blue – MF, Green – MF, White – MF


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