— 訂購篇 —

(1) 問:我需要大量訂購,請問可以獲得折扣嗎?

  • 答:可以的。100件或以上起計,數量越多折扣越大。折扣只適用於正價貨品。詳情請發郵件到豐原行郵箱  info@fengyuanpens.com 查詢,我們收到後盡快回覆。

(2) 問:訂購後多久我才可以收到貨品?

  • 答:如屬零售訂購,一般情況下,貨品可於付款後下一至兩個工作天寄出(星期六/日 不是工作天)或提供到店自取(如需要刻名的產品,則需要多1個工作天處理)。如屬大量訂購,交貨期須視乎訂購的數量而定,我們會於報價中說明。

— 刻字/加印LOGO篇 —

(1) 問:刻名需要收費嗎?

(2) 問:請問刻名/加印LOGO可以選顏色嗎?

  • 答:如屬少量訂購,我們會採用激光技術刻字。激光刻字並不可以揀色。如屬大量訂購,則可以選擇激光或絲印方式加印LOGO,絲印方式則是可以選擇顏色的, 必須要電郵報價。

(3) 問:請問絲印LOGO可以是印圖案嗎?

  • 答:可以。但客戶須提供AI格式的檔案供我們審核。


— 付款及送貨篇 —

(1) 問:請問我可以用甚麼方式付款?

  • 答:可以用以下三個方式 :
  • PalPay
  • 戶口轉帳 (匯豐#484-881248-838)
  • 轉數快FPS「轉數快」識別碼164447872

(2) 問:請問付款流程是怎樣的?

  • 答:付款流程有兩種 :
  1. 可在網頁內以PayPal直接付款購買, 我們收到訂購單及PayPal 貨款後, 會安排寄出貨品, 或可以到豐原行實體店取貨 (到店取貨免郵費)
  2. 網頁內下單, 不PayPal付款的話, 我們會以電郵方式向你發出付款通知書, 內附有各項付款方式資料, 我司確認收到款項後,會安排寄出貨品, 或可以到豐原行實體店取貨 (到店取貨免郵費)

(3) 問:請問送貨是怎樣安排的?

  • 答:有以下送貨方式選擇:
  • 本公司實體店自取 $0
  • 購物滿港幣1000元以上, 香港本地免郵費
  • 順豐速遞:

Order Pens (for HK only)
(1) Q: I need to order in bulk, can I get a discount?
Answer: Yes. At least from 100 pieces or above orders.  The more you order quantities, the more you have greater discount. Discount applies to regular-priced items only. For details, please send an email to info@fengyuanpens.com for inquiries, and we will reply as soon as possible after receiving it.

(2) Q: How long can I receive the items after finish the online order?
Answer: For retail orders, under normal circumstances, the goods can be sent out within one to two working days after payment (Saturday/Sunday is not a working day), Or provide pick-up at the store (if you need to engrave wording on the product, you need extra 1 working days). For bulk orders, the delivery time depends on the quantity ordered, which will be stated in the quotation.

Engrave words/ Print LOGO (for HK only)
(1) Q: Is there any charge for engraving the name?
Answer: Yes. The engrave fee is $80/piece, please contact us at info@fengyuanpens.com.

(2) Q: Can I choose the color of the engraved name/printed LOGO?
Answer: For small quantities, we will engrave with laser print. Laser engraving can’t choose the color. If it is a bulk order, you can choose laser or silk-screen printing method to add LOGO. The silk-screen printing method can choose the color, please send email for the quotation.

(3) Q: Can the silk-screen LOGO be a printed pattern?
Answer: Yes. However, customers must provide the files in AI format for us to review.

Payment and Delivery (for HK only)
(1) Q: How can I pay?
Answer: There are three ways:
• PalPay
• Bank account transfer (HSBC#484-881248-838)
• Fast Payment System FPS identification code 164447872

(2) Q: What is the payment process like?
Answer: Two type payment processes:
• You can purchase by using PayPal direct payment on the website. After we receive the order form and PayPal payment, we will arrange to deliver the product, or you can pick up the product at our store (free of charge for pick up at our store)
• If you order on the online shop and not pay by PayPal, we will send you a payment notification by email with different payment method information. After our company confirms receipt of the payment, we will arrange to deliver the product, or you can pick up in our store (free of charge for pick up at our store)

(3) Q: How is the delivery arranged?
Answer: There are the following delivery options:
• Pick up in our store $0
• Free delivery in Hong Kong for purchase over HKD 1000
• SF Express:

1除以上問題 Except above questions

Please contact us directly. Tel: +852 23758178 Email: info@fengyuanpens.com

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