Aurora 888 Stellar Plutone CT Fountain pen


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意大利 奧羅拉 冥王星 銀夾 鋼筆
品牌 Brand: Italy 意大利
型號 Item Code: AU888PL
顏色 Color: Plutone (Blue)/ 冥王星 (藍色)
筆尖 Nib : 18K CT
Nib Size :  EF / F / M / B


Aurora 888 Stellar Plutone CT Fountain pen
意大利 奧羅拉 冥王星 銀夾 鋼筆

Aurora Stellar系列 : 太陽,星雲,火星,天王星,土星,海王星,冥王星, 水星及木星


Aurora Stellar Series: Sun, Nebula, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter.
「Plutone」 is the Italian word for Pluto.
The surface of Pluto presents a fascinating blue hue, resembling a serene lake. This blue color comes from methane molecules in Pluto’s atmosphere, which scatter sunlight and give Pluto a blue glow. This unique coloration makes Pluto one of the most captivating celestial bodies in the solar system.
Featuring a combination of color blocks in various shades, along with a silver metal pen ring and an 18K silver gold nib, the Aurora Stellar Series is limited to 888 pieces, with the limited edition number engraved beneath the pen cap ring.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 320 × 320 × 150 mm
Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

B (粗), Extra Fine (極細), Fine (細), Medium (中)

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