Aurora Trilobiti Collection Cioccolato Brown Demonstrator Fountain Pen 海洋化石系列 巧克力啡色 鋼筆


Aurora奧羅拉 海洋化石系列 巧克力啡色 鋼筆

品牌 Brand: 意大利 奧羅拉/ Italy Aurora
顏色 Color : Chocolate Brown / 巧克力啡
筆尖 Nib : 18K
Nib Size : Itali
全球限量 388支

Aurora Trilobiti Collection Cioccolato Demonstrator FP / 海洋化石系列 巧克力啡色 鋼筆

The Aurora Trilobiti collection is inspired by the transparencies of marine animal fossils that extinct about 65 million years ago. Its typical spiral shape and divine proportion are in harmony. These elements have formed the basis for the Trilobiti line, featuring trasparent pens with colored nibs wrapped in elegant satin finishes.
This writing instrument is named Trilobiti Cioccolato fountain pen, starring a transparent resin body with a chocolate colored nib and satin accents in PVD. The nib is made of 18kt solid gold for luxury and the smoothest writing experience.
The fountain pen comes with a special luxury giftbox and a bottle of sepia ink. Only 388 pieces are made worldwide.

Aurora Trilobites 系列的靈感來自大約 6500 萬年前滅絕的海洋動物化石的透明結構。 其典型的螺旋形狀與神聖的比例相得益彰。 這些元素構成了 Trilobiti 系列的基礎,其特點是透明鋼筆和彩色筆尖包裹著優雅的緞面飾面。
這款書寫工具名為 Trilobiti Cioccolato 鋼筆,採用透明樹脂筆身、巧克力色筆尖和 PVD 緞面裝飾。 筆尖由 18kt 純金製成,帶來奢華和最流暢的書寫體驗。這款鋼筆配有一個特別的豪華禮盒和一瓶棕褐色墨水。 全球僅生產 388 件。
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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