Delta Dolce Vita 2.0 Premium 金夾鋼筆



筆尖:14K 金


Delta復活後,連帶最經典的Dolce Vita鋼筆也以2.0的版本重生了!
「dV 2.0」沿用第一代黑蓋橙身的配搭,筆身採用鮮艷亮麗的虎橘色樹脂,襯以手工鍛製的925銀環裝飾。

—筆尖:Delta 14K金 F尖/M尖/F Flex尖

“Delta dV 2.0” numbered edition of Delta, is made of special hand-turned resin from solid bar, with Arg.925‰ band
The collection is available in “Write Balance”, “Premium” and “Premiere” versions with yellow gold or palladium plated finishes.

Details Delta Dolcevita 2.0 (version 2023)

dV 2.0 Premium: fixed piston filler fountain pen, ink level control window, with 14kt gold nib, available in f, m and flex f nib

closed pen length 147 mm
cap length 66 mm
tank length (with nib): 134 mm
maximum diameter: 17 mm
weight without ink: 35 g

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