Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Mother Of Pearl 珍珠貝母 Fountain Pen 鋼筆


意大利 Leonardo 珍珠貝母 金夾/銀夾 鋼筆

顏色 Color : Mother of Pearl / 珍珠貝母
筆尖 Nib : 14K
Nib Size : EF / Elastic EF / M / Stub 1.1

全球限量每色 280支


Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Mother Of Pearl Fountain Pen 珍珠貝母 鋼筆
Mother of Pearl is a limited edition fountain pen that evokes the beauty of this incredible and natural material with a resin made by Brooks mixing different color with silver sparkling.
While the “madreperla” mother of pearl resin is not made from real abalone, it carries the same beauty and elegance in every swirl. Leonardo applies a Greek-key style geometric cap center band and jewelry-like metal trims in palladium or gold options.

由 Brooks 製成的樹脂將不同顏色與銀色閃光混合在一起,喚起了這種令人難以置信的天然材料的美感。
雖然“madreperla”珍珠貝母樹脂並非由真正的鮑魚製成,但它在每個漩渦中都帶有相同的美麗和優雅。 為了突出這支彩色鋼筆的驚艷印象,Leonardo 採用了希臘風格幾何筆帽中心帶和鈀金或金色選項的珠寶般金屬飾邊。

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 100 mm
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