Namiki Emperor Shoki 帝王  鍾馗 Fountain Pen – (2019 Limited Edition)


日本並木 帝王  鍾馗 (2019 限量99枝)

顏色 Color :

筆尖 Nib : 18K
Nib Size :  M

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Namiki Emperor Shoki 鍾馗

According to a legend, Xuanzong, 6th Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, fell ill and dreamed that evil spirits possessed him. A great demon appeared and cast them out. Being asked to identify himself, he revealed to be called Shoki. When Xuanzong woke up, he was healed!

There is more than one legend about Shoki. In the Edo period, a man appeared to be a brilliant physician, but the Emperor revoked him due to his ugly appearance: long beard with a mustache, big shining eyes in a scowling face, dressed in worn cloths. The man killed himself and was doomed to be a demon queller. Since then, Shoki has been revered as the god who protects from evil spirits and sickness.

On the cap of this Namiki Emperor LE Shoki, a demon is hiding behind the clouds. Shoki is depicted on the body of the pen wearing a dark green cloak. He has a beard and a mustache, big eyes and a sword in his right hand. He looks at the sky to scare away demons.

筆尖材質: 18K       配件: 原廠筆盒, 原廠墨水, 吸墨器, 証書

品牌 Brand: 日本 並木 / JAPAN NAMIKI
顏色 Color  :
筆尖 Nib : 18K
Nib Size :  M

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