Namiki Emperor Kylin 並木 帝王 麒麟 Fountain Pen

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Namiki Emperor Maki-e Kylin 並木 帝王 麒麟 Fountain Pen
The Kylin is thought to have a compound appearance with a dragon’s head, antlers, horse hoofs, an oxtail, wolf’s forehead and a colorful chest. It is lively, intelligent and most of all gentle but valorous to ward off devils. To see a Kylin is a good omen that brings rui, roughly translated as “serenity” or “prosperity” and it is the custom in some regions, to believe that the Kylin will give them a son.

麒麟被認為具有龍頭、鹿角、馬蹄、牛尾、狼額和彩色胸部的複合外觀。 它活潑、聰明,最重要的是溫柔但勇敢地抵禦惡魔。 見到麒麟是招財之兆,大致翻譯為“祥和”或“興旺”,有些地方的風俗是相信麒麟會給自己生子。

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