Pelikan Souveran M800 Stone Garden Fountain Pen


德國 Pelikan 百利金 M800 石頭花園 鋼筆

品牌 Brand : 德國 Germany / Pelikan 百利金
款號 Item# : PE810067 / PE810074色
筆尖 Nib : 18K
Nib Size : EF / F
Pelikan M800 Series
Black Green
Black Red
Green Demonstrator ('23) (透明綠色 2023年版)
Stone Garden

Pelikan  M800 Stone Garden
Stone gardens are known for their tranquil effect and these special edition Pelikan Souverän® 800 Stone Garden pens capture the same calming tones. The mix of dark blue and the marbled blues and browns produce a beautiful finish to this series.

Pelikan M800 Stone Garden 深藍色和棕色大理石藍色混合, 增添了美麗的色彩及平靜的色調

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions N/A
Selct Color 點選顏色


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Extra Fine (極細), Fine (細)

Pelikan M800 Series

Stone Garden

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