PILOT Capless 60th Anniversary 還曆鋼筆


-限量2023枝- 號碼隨機發放
◆隨附Capless 60週年限定小冊子,介紹了這六十年來的歷代Capless,亦收錄了由2006年開始推出的年度限定筆款,是Capless迷必定要收藏的限定套裝!

【年度限定】PILOT Capless 60週年限定「還曆」鋼筆

PILOT Capless在1963年面世,是世界首創的按鍵式鋼筆,今年2023年正是六十週年。如以天干地支來計算年份,60年恰好是一個循環,日本稱之為「還曆之年」,意思是回到了出生當時的干支年份。

◆隨附Capless 60週年限定小冊子,介紹了這六十年來的歷代Capless,亦收錄了由2006年開始推出的年度限定筆款,是Capless迷必定要收藏的限定套裝!

60週年限定「還曆」Capless 鋼筆x1
PILOT con-40吸墨器x1
PILOT 墨膽保護蓋x1
Capless 60週年限定小冊子x1

PILOT Capless 60th Anniversary Limited Edition “Kanreki” Fountain Pen
-Limited to 2023 pcs worldwide, individually numbered-

PILOT Capless was launched in 1963 as the world’s first retractable fountain pen. This year, 2023, marks its 60th anniversary. In terms of the Chinese dating system (Earthly Branches and Terrestrial Branches), 60 years completes a full cycle, which is known in Japan as a “Kanreki” year.

To celebrate the Capless series reaching its 60th anniversary, PILOT’s annual limited edition Capless pen is themed as “Kanreki”:

◆The festive bright red color represents the concept of “Kanreki”, symbolizing longevity and new beginnings. It is complemented by matte black components, embodying a vibrant and mature elegance.

◆Comes with a booklet showcasing the various Capless models from the past six decades, including the limited editions introduced annually since 2006. It is a must-have collectible for Capless enthusiasts!

Set Includes:
Vivid Crimson 60th Anniversary Capless Red Fountain Pen x1
PILOT Con-40 Converter x1
PILOT Ink Cartridge Cover x1
Capless 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Booklet x1

Weight 0.7 kg
Type 類型

Fountain Pen 鋼筆

Brand 品牌

Pen Model 筆款

PILOT Capless

Nib Material 筆尖物料

18K Gold

Nib Size 筆尖

F – Fine 細, M – Medium 中

Colour 顏色

Red 紅色

Filling Mechanism 上墨方式

Converter / Cartridge 吸墨器/墨膽

Trim Colour 筆飾顏色

Black Trim 黑夾

Body Material 筆身物料

Brass 黃銅

Cap Type 筆蓋類型

Capless 無蓋

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