Platinum #3776 Century Kanazawa Fujin Raijin Fountain Pen


日本 Platinum白金 #3776 Century 金澤箔 風神雷神 鋼筆

款號 Item# : PLPNB30000H-3-2
顏色 Color : Gold / 金色
筆尖 Nib : 14K
Nib Size : F

Platinum白金 #3776 Century 金澤箔 風神雷神 鋼筆

Fujin Raijin (the Wind God and the Thunder God). The painting of a dragon in the clouds by Sotatsu Tawaraya as a motif and with the combination of the traditional technique and Kanazawa Haku (golden leaf) craftworks which originates from Kanazawa is the art of pasting small pieces of gold leaf on to the barrel and with modern maki e technique created this distinguished and sophisticated pen.


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