Platinum #3776 Century Nice Pur Fountain Pen 透明色 鋼筆


日本Platinum #3776 世紀 透明色 銠銀色夾 鋼筆

款號 Item# : PLPNB20000R-4
顏色 Color : Pur / 透明色
筆尖 Nib : 14K
Nib Size : EF / M

其他顏色 Other Color : Lavande 紫色 / Lilas  深粉紅色 


Platinum #3776 Century Nice Pur Fountain Pen / 日本白金 3776 世紀 透明色 銠銀色夾 鋼筆
The 3776 Century is a perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the world of premium Japanese fountain pens. It combines a classic “cigar” silhouette with a wide selection of stunning body colors and exquisite 14k gold nibs.

Nice Pur – Rhodium Trim , Inspired by the clear waters and elegant architecture of Nice, France, this pen features a beautiful combination of silver trim and a frosted clear body with fluting that resembles a classical marble column. Its Fine nib is great for detailed writing and drawing.

日本白金3776 Century,如果想要體驗優質日本鋼筆世界的人,這是一個完美的選擇。 它結合了經典的“雪茄”輪廓、多種令人驚嘆的機身顏色和精緻的 14k 金筆尖。

透明 – 銠夾,定靈感來自法國尼斯清澈的海水和優雅的建築,這支筆採用銀色飾邊和磨砂透明筆身的美麗結合,帶有類似古典大理石柱的凹槽。 它的細筆尖非常適合詳細的書寫和繪圖。

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 100 mm
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