Platinum #3776 Century Shape of Heart – Black


將筆尖壓印出來的心形金片化為筆身的裝飾,與亮麗如鑽石的鋯石一同置於鋼筆筆冠—閃亮迷人的「Shape of Heart」系列就此誕生。




Color / 顏色
米白色/銀夾 Ivoire/CT
黑色/玫瑰金夾 Black/RGT

Platinum #3776 Century「Shape of Heart」特別版鋼筆

Platinum 白金鋼筆的一大特色就是筆尖的心形氣孔,但大家又有否想過,壓出來的心形金片去向何從?

一般來說,筆廠會將金片熔掉循環再用,但這次Platinum就特意收集了這些心形金片,並將兩塊金片與亮麗如鑽石的鋯石一同置於鋼筆筆冠—閃閃發亮的「Shape of Heart」系列就此誕生。


套裝包括銀色吸墨器與瓶裝墨水,墨水瓶蓋上刻有以鐳射雕刻而成的「Shape of Heart」的圖案。

顏色:#1 黑色
筆尖:細字(F) /中字(M)
尺寸:全長 139.5 毫米 × 最大直徑 15.4 毫米,重量 20.5 克

筆身、筆冠、握位、筆冠頂部:AS 樹脂

瓶裝墨水:MIXABLE INK Aurora Blue 20ml

Platinum #3776 Century Shape of Heart Fountain Pen
– Limited to 2000 sets worldwide –

A special limited edition, “Shape of a Heart” is released from the #3776 CENTURY series with “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out.

Two heart-shaped pieces, which are punched out to make the breather hole on the pen nib, are placed together with crystals in the dome at the top of the pen. While the heart pieces are usually melted down and reused as a material, the new “Shape of a Heart” model incorporates them in the design.

The pair of heart-shaped pieces enclosed in the dome gives a feeling of connection with your partner, making it an ideal gift for someone precious.

The first commemorative model features two gold hearts-shaped pieces while the black body applied with pink-gold finished nib, clip and trim represents a design unique to the limited model. The crystals in the dome at the top add a special taste to the pen.

The set includes a silver ink converter and bottled ink, with a laser-engraved “Shape of Heart” pattern on the ink bottle cap.

Product number: PNB-31000
Color: #1 Black in Black PG
Nib: Fine/ Medium
Size: 139.5 mm (full length) × 15.4mm (max. diameter), weight 20.5g

Barrel, cap, grip, crown : AS resin
Grip ring, cap ring, upper ring, rear ring : Pink Gold plating on brass
Clip : Pink Gold plating on beryllium copper
Nib : Pink Gold plating on 14K gold

Box:Exclusive box
Cartridge ink:One blue black ink
Converter :Converter-700A
Bottle ink :MIXABLE INK Aurora Blue 20ml

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

Fine (細), Medium (中)

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