Platinum #3776 S.E Hong Kong 香港限定 Fountain Pen 鋼筆


日本Platinum  S.E 香港限定, 銀夾 鋼筆

款號 Item# : PLPNB30000HK-29
顏色 Color : Charcoal Grey-Glitter / 灰黑半透明閃粉
筆尖 Nib : 14K
Nib Size : SF / M / B

Platinum #3776 S.E Hong Kong Fountain Pen 香港限定 鋼筆

Platinum launched the Hong Kong limited edition #3776 fountain pen for the first time with the theme of “Hong Kong”.
The pen body is made of gray-black translucent resin, mixed with glitter for embellishment
The ink converter is printed with HK Bauhinia logo, and the pen ring on the cap is engraved with the words “HONG KONG”
The packaging is printed with the theme of Victoria Harbour

吸墨器上印有香港市花洋紫荊,筆蓋上的筆環刻有【HONG KONG】字樣

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 100 mm
Select Size 點選筆尖

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