Sailor Jellyfish 水母系列 – Japanese Sea Nettle


Sailor 新推出的Jellyfish系列鋼筆以五種特別的水母為藍本:

Japanese Sea Nettle / 赤海月 / アカクラゲ (紅色)


【Sailor 1911 Standard Jellyfish 水母系列 鋼筆】

Sailor 新推出的Jellyfish系列鋼筆,就以五種特別的水母為藍本。

Japanese Sea Nettle / 赤海月 / アカクラゲ (紅色)

Fried Egg Jellyfish / 荷包蛋水母 / サムクラゲ (啡色)

Violet Jellyfish / 夜光游水母 / オキクラゲ (紫色)

Freshwater Fellyfish / 淡水水母 / マミズクラゲ (藍色)

OhWan Fellyfish / 御椀水母 / オワンクラゲ (綠色)

尺寸:1911 Standard 中型魚雷
筆幅:細字(F) /中細字(MF)/中字(M)


【Sailor 1911 Standard Jellyfish Fountain Pen】
Did you know that there are over 3,000 species of jellyfish in the world, each with unique and peculiar appearances? Although jellyfish live in water, they are not strong swimmers and mostly just drift along with the currents as planktonic creatures. Watching their jelly-like transparent bodies gently pulsate in the water can be very soothing.

Sailor’s new Jellyfish series are based on the following five specific jellyfish species:

Japanese Sea Nettle / アカクラゲ (red)
◆Circular umbrella-like bell with radiating brown stripes
◆Tentacles can extend up to two meters in length

Fried Egg Jellyfish / サムクラゲ (brown)
◆The protruding part of the bell turns orange-yellow as it grows, surrounded by white, resembling a fried egg
◆Hunts by ensnaring other creatures with thin, long tentacles

Violet Jellyfish / オキクラゲ (purple)

◆The purple-red bell is hemispherical, but there are also “violet jellyfish” that are in pink, light brown, or yellow color despite their name
◆Also known as the “Luminescent Moon Jellyfish” because it can emit light in the dark

Freshwater Fellyfish / マミズクラゲ (blue)
◆Named for its habitat in freshwater areas, often appearing during the blooming of peach blossoms, also known as “peach blossom jellyfish”
◆Usually transparent, but can also be light green or sky blue in color; the maximum bell diameter is only 2cm, with small tentacles on the edges, resembling peach blossom petals floating on the water

OhWan Fellyfish / Owan Kurage / オワンクラゲ (green)
◆Mainly in various coastal areas of Japan, with the bell resembling an inverted bowl
◆When the luminous cells on the edge of the bell are stimulated, they emit green light

Size: 1911 Standard
Nib: 14K Gold or 14K Gold with Rhodium plating, standard size
Nib size: Fine (F) / Medium Fine (MF) / Medium (M)
Ink filling system: Converter / Cartridge
Material: PMMA Resin with Metashine
Metal Parts: Gold IP/ Silver

Comes with an exclusive box, cartridges and a converter

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 260 × 150 × 100 mm
Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

Fine (細), Medium (中), MF(中細)

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