Sailor Manyo 萬葉系列 Dianthus Profession Gear Slim 14K Fountain Pen Set


日本寫樂 海外限定 萬葉系列 Professional Gear Slim 14K 鋼筆連墨水套裝

Item # SA8079
顏色 Color : 撫子 Dianthus
筆尖 Nib : 14K
Nib Size : F / MF / M

** 其他顏色 Other colors : 櫻花Cherry Blossoms / 白樫 Nuts / 貓柳 Willow / 撫子 Dianthus / 蓬 Plum

Sailor Manyo Dianthus profession gear slim 14K Fountain Pen Set

The companion pens to the much-loved Manyo inks are finally here! Each pen in the Special Edition Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen collection was inspired by two Manyo inks, resulting in exciting new color combinations with exclusive top finial designs.
萬葉墨水的伴侶筆終於來了!特別版 Sailor Manyo 鋼筆系列中的每支鋼筆, 都受到兩種萬葉墨水的啟發,帶來令人興奮的新色彩組合和獨特的頂部飾面設計。

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions N/A
Sailor Manyo Color

Vol.1 撫子花 Dianthus

Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

Fine (細), Medium (中), MF(中細)

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