Sailor Pro Gear – Blue Quasar Fountain Pen


筆尖 Nib: 21K gold 金

附送 Includes:
吸墨器 Converter x1
黑色墨芯 Cartridges in Black colour x2
鋼筆使用說明書 Instruction manual x1


【宇宙探索】Sailor PG/PG Slim 藍色類星體 Blue Quasar 21K/14K 鋼筆
Stellar Black Hole後,Sailor又帶大家認識宇宙——最新的海外限定鋼筆「藍色類星體 Blue Quasar」。



Sailor PG/PG Slim Blue Quasar 21K/14K Fountain Pen

Following our previous encounter with “Stellar Black Holes”, Sailor now takes us on a journey through the cosmos with their latest overseas limited edition fountain pen, “Blue Quasar.”

In the centres of most galaxies, there are a supermassive black hole. Its immense gravitational pull causes a large amount of gas and dust to surround it, forming a rapidly rotating and massive accretion disk. The gas in the disk falls towards the black hole, tearing apart and generating incredibly strong friction. This energy is released as electromagnetic radiation, emitting beams of electromagnetic radiation that are billions of times brighter than sunlight. In fact, at times, the brightness of these emissions can be thousands of times greater than the combined brightness of all the stars in the entire galaxy.

Because quasars are so incredibly bright, we can observe their emitted light even from the farthest reaches of the universe here on Earth. However, this period of brightness lasts only for about 10 million to 100 million years, which is just a blink of an eye compared to the 13.8 billion-year age of the universe. Capturing such a “brief” moment in time is truly remarkable.

Credit: ESA/Hubble, NASA, M. Kornmesser


Image illustrates an artist’s imagination of observing the quasar “J043947.08+163415.7” up close.
This quasar is powered by a supermassive black hole and is located at a tremendous distance from us (approximately 12.873 billion light-years).
As of 2019, it is the brightest quasar discovered in the early universe.


附送 Includes:
吸墨器 Converter x1
黑色墨芯 Cartridges in Black colour x2
鋼筆使用說明書 Instruction manual x1

筆型: Professional Gear
筆尖: 21K 金,大型
上墨方式: 吸墨器/墨膽兩用
筆身物料: PMMA樹脂
筆飾: 鍍金
尺寸: φ18×129mm (包括筆夾)
重量: 約22g

[ Product Details]
Base model: Professional Gear
Nib: 21K gold, large size
Filling mechanism: Converter/Cartridge
Barrel material: PMMA resin
Metal finish: Gold plated
Size: φ18×129mm (including clip)
Weight: Appox. 22g


Weight 0.3 kg
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