Sailor VEILIO 2nd Fountain Pen – Blue Violet




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Color / 顏色

『Sailor VEILIO 21K鋼筆 – VOL.2』




“VEILIO” – a bridal veil-like crystal clear fountain pen

◆Made of Japanese acrylic resin with layers of marble-like patterns
◆Smooth and flawless surface both inside and out
◆Comes with a tailor-made converter that matches the same color tone of the pen body

The name “VEILIO” is a combination of “VEIL” and “IRO”(color in Japanese).
The marble pattern flowing through the transparent acrylic resin, like a bridal veil covering the nib.
Each VEILIO is unique in its pattern and color, with a transparent design that allows the internal components and ink to be seen

|Acrylic Lathe Machine Turning|
Normal barrels and caps are shaped and polished by grinding the surface, yet it is diffcult to polish the inner suraface without cutting marks.
The Sailor Pen made it possible by carefully grinding the inner surface, using a special blade of Lathe Machine, achieving a smooth and flawless surface. “VEILIO” is tailored to be attractive both inside and out.

Limited quantity available while stock lasts

顏色 Color:Pearl Mint、Blue Violet
筆尖 Nib:中型 21K金筆尖 21K Gold Nib
上墨方式 Type: 吸墨器/墨膽兩用 Converter & Cartridge type
尺寸Size: Φ17×126mm (including clip)
重量 Weight: 21.5g

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions N/A
Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

B (粗), Extra Fine (極細), Fine (細), Medium (中), MF(中細), Music, Zoom

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