Scribo “La Tradizionale” Limited Edition Fountain Pen – 18K BBB Nib


意大利Scribo 純銀橡木 18K 鋼筆套裝

Item # : SCLATFP03RH18-BBB
Color : Oak / 橡木色
Nib Size : BBB

Global Limited Edition / 全球限量 : 104 pcs


Scribo 「La Tradizionale」 限量104支 18K BBB尖 純銀橡木鋼筆套裝

摩德納傳統香醋(Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena)是意大利的傳奇食材,僅需一滴就能使美食的味道昇華。冠上「傳統」二字的香醋僅以由特定地區採集的白葡萄榨汁熬煮製作,並需在木桶內熟成至少十二年。陳年越久的香醋,價格就越高。

對意大利廚師而言,傳統香醋絕對是不可缺少的食材。Scribo與米芝蓮三星餐廳Osteria Francescana的主廚Massimo Bottura合作,以摩德納傳統香醋為主題,推出「La Tradizionale」限量版鋼筆。

「La Tradizionale」是名符其實的意大利瑰寶:筆桿以橡木製成,取自釀製摩德納傳統香醋的木桶;十二面體筆桿全由匠人手工打磨,有著獨一無二的木紋,配以925純銀作襯飾;筆環刻有「La Tradizionale」字樣,筆夾亦有象徵一滴香醋的水滴型琺瑯裝飾;925純銀筆握上亦印有Massimo Bottura的簽名。

○ 僅限量104支,筆身有標示獨立號碼,配Scribo 18K BBB 筆尖,以專有木盒包裝 (號碼請私訊查詢)
○ 附送Scribo墨水(醋棕色) 90ml*1 & 陳釀超過廿五年的金標摩德納傳統香醋 100ml *1
○ 筆身材質: 橡木、純銀
○ 活塞上墨方式


The Scribo La Tradizionale Limited Edition Fountain Pen is an authentic Made in Italy jewel: it is entirely made by hand from oak wood, which has been skilfully crafted from the barrels where the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena aged for years. The different wood grains and colours on the 12 facets testify the uniqueness of every single piece, enriched by delicate and finely engraved Silver 925 details, among which the cap ring, with the pantograph engraving “LA TRADIZIONALE”, the clip, with its “drop of vinegar”, and the section, engraved with the chef Massimo Bottura signature.

○ Limited to 104 numbered pcs, w/ Scribo 18K BBB nib & stored in a wooden case (Please contact us for more information)
○ Contains a 90 ml bottle of ink (same color of the Aceto Balsamico) & a precious 100 ml bottle of Gold Capsule extra-old “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena
○ Barrel: Oak Wood & 925 Silver
○ Piston-filling



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