Visconti Van Gogh Almond in Blossom Gold Trim Fountain Pen


維斯康蒂 Van Gogh盛開的杏花 梵高系列 金夾 鋼筆

品牌 Brand: 意大利 / Italy
型號 Item: VIKP 1219-01
顏色 Color : Lt. Blue / 淺藍色)
筆尖 Nib : Steel
Nib Size : F/ M


VAN GOGH – Almond in Blossom
Vincent Van Gogh managed to push emotion to its extremes in every one of his brush stroke. Inspired by this artist’s unconventional vision, Visconti created a collection that would soon become iconic.
Van Gogh connects his most inner ‘I’ to the outside world through his paintbrush. His emotions are expressed through the strength of his colours, the impulsiveness of his lines and the choice of his subjects. Nature becomes a mirror that reflects emotions rather than landscapes. To honour him, Visconti reproduced the textures of oil painting on his canvases in pen form.

Almond Blossoms實際上是指扁桃花。對於梵谷來說,開花的樹具有特殊的意義,它們代表著覺醒和希望。他喜歡這些開花的樹,並且在繪製它們的過程中找到樂趣。

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions N/A
Selct Color 點選顏色

Lt. Blue

Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

Fine (細), Medium (中)

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