Visconti Van Gogh Flowering Plum Orchard 盛開的梅園 鋼筆





Visconti Van Gogh系列推出了最新款《盛開的梅園》,是梵高以歌川廣重的浮世繪版畫《龜戶梅園》為藍本所臨摹的作品。《龜戶梅園》描繪了梅園中一株稱為臥龍梅的古梅樹:廣重將古梅樹突出安排在前景,透過梅樹的枝葉,可以看到遠處一些身形渺小的人們在梅園散步聊天;誇張的樹枝放大了前景,突出了遠近。這個構圖呈現了強烈的視覺效果,梵高對此感到非常著迷,便以《盛開的梅樹》為名臨摹了此畫,更在作品加上了兩側的框架和日本漢字,增添更多的日本元素。



The latest addition to the Visconti Van Gogh collection is “The Flowering Plum Orchard,” based on Van Gogh’s copy of Utagawa Hiroshige’s “Plum Garden in Kameido.” The original print depicts an ancient plum tree known as “the sleeping dragon plum tree” in the garden, with the tree prominently placed in the foreground and small figures walking and chatting in the distance visible through its branches. The exaggerated composition emphasizes the foreground with a strong visual effect, which fascinated Van Gogh and inspired him to create his own version.

“The Flowering Plum Orchard” is made of red, green, and brown acrylic resin with gold-plated fittings, and its unique eighteen-faceted design enhances the vibrancy of the colors. The pen barrel is engraved with the artist’s name, Van Gogh.

-available in fountain pen, rollerball pen, and ballpoint pen
-fountain pen set comes with a “The Flowering Plum Orchard” red ink and a beautiful bookmark showing the detail of the painting

Weight 0.9 kg
Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

Fine (細), Medium (中)

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