WATERMAN 威迪文 Man 140 18K 紀念鋼筆套裝


Item #:2190412
Writing Type: Fountain Pen
Cap Material: Matte Black Lacquer
Nib Size: 18K Fine
Ink Colour: Black Ink


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【經典再現】WATERMAN 威迪文 Man 140 18K 紀念鋼筆套裝

▪️沿用Man100的經典管型筆身,融入令人驚嘆的金屬切割鏤空設計,優雅流動的波紋與直線結合成「圍欄波紋(Fenced Wave)」,煥發出全新的活力




Marking 140 years of craftsmanship
Man 140, is an exclusive limited edition of 400 numbered pens, featuring the most iconic elements of the original man, while incorporating an imposing yet elegant new design to the cap and barrel.

The black PVD coated trims and intricately cut, fenced wave pattern, powerfully exemplify the MAN 140’s all-black, monochromatic aesthetic. The 18k gold nib with its updated, two-tone design in Gold and Ruthenium, perfectly complement original features such as the cap’s iconic two-prong clip and looped ‘W’. Every pen is meticulously hand-assembled in France, showcasing Waterman’s Gallic savoir-faire.

The Man 140 Limited Edition’s assertive, tubular shape, all-black, monochromatic cap and barrel styling create an imposing yet elegant pen.

The matte black, intricately cut metal cage contrasts its glossy resin base layer, while the black PVD coated trims perfectly complement the delicate flowing wave pattern – ‘The Fenced Wave’.
The heritage 18k gold nib, with its updated, two-tone design in Gold and Ruthenium, enhances the pen’s assertive, yet refined bearing.

Meticulously hand-assembled in France, every Man140 Limited Edition benefits from 140 years of craftmanship and expertise in fine pen making, showcasing Waterman’s Gallic savoir-faire.
Beautifully presented in a luxurious, black Man 140 Limited Edition Gift Box, complementing this assertive, yet elegant pen.


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