Aurora Caleidoscopio Luce 萬花筒系列 Bianca Fountain pen


Aurora 萬花筒系列 (淺黃色) 鋼筆
限量 860 支

品牌 Brand: 意大利 奧羅拉/ Italy Aurora
顏色 Color : Yellow 淺黃色

筆尖 Nib : 18K 

Nib Size :  CM / I

其他顏色Other colors :

Verde Green 綠色
Blue 藍色
Rosa Red 玫紅色
Gialla Orange 橙色
Bianca Yellow 淺黃色

Aurora Caleidoscopio Luce Bianca Fountain pen
Aurora was inspired by the famous kaleidoscope of Debus, created in 1860, which allowed to keep the same image “ad libitum” by changing the position of the mirrors. The pen is made of white, yellow and lilac marbled Auroloide.

The pen features a crystal clear ink window and Aurora’s unique piston filling mechanism that offers smooth, reliable operation with a built-in ink reservoir system. The Aurora Caleidoscope fountain pen is available with an 18k gold nib and is limited to 860 pieces.

Aurora 的靈感來自於 1860 年創建的著名的 Debus 萬花筒,它允許通過改變鏡子的位置來“隨意”保持相同的圖像。 這支筆由白色、黃色和淡紫色大理石紋的 Auroloide 製成。

透視墨水窗口和 Aurora 獨特的活塞上墨。 Aurora 萬花筒系列 鋼筆配有 18k 金筆尖,限量 860 支。

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Selct Color 點選顏色

Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

Select Nib Size 點選筆尖

CE, CF, CM, Extra Fine (極細), Fine (細), Italic, Medium (中), Stub

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