Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red Fountain Pen


M600 紅烏龜的筆身以醋酸纖維素與樹脂製作,以鮮艷的紅橙兩色為主軸,襯以深棕色條紋


Color / 顏色
Tortoise-shell Red 紅烏龜
White Transparent 透明白條
Green-White 綠白間條
Red-White 紅白間條
Tortoise-shell Black 黑烏龜
Vibrant Orange 亮橙色
Violet-White 紫白間條

Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red 紅烏龜 玳瑁紅色紋 Fountain Pen

自2013年M800 Tortoiseshell Brown 玳瑁棕色款推出以來,迷人的玳瑁棕色花紋就深受筆友們的喜愛。



Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red (2020) Fountain Pen

Discover the enchanting Tortoiseshell pattern, a beloved classic that has captivated pen enthusiasts since the release of M800 Tortoiseshell Brown in 2013.

Pelikan now reintroduces the iconic tortoise pattern in the M600 series in 2020.

The pen’s striped barrel is meticulously crafted with vibrant red and orange cellulose acetate and luxurious dark brown resin accents.
The pen features a piston filling system that allows for the storage of a large capacity of ink and comes with a smooth 14k two-tone solid gold nib, while the elegant 24k gold-plated clip and rings add a touch of luxury.

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