Pelikan M605 White Transparent (2017) Fountain Pen




Color / 顏色
Tortoise-shell Red 紅烏龜
White Transparent 透明白條
Green-White 綠白間條
Red-White 紅白間條
Tortoise-shell Black 黑烏龜
Vibrant Orange 亮橙色
Violet-White 紫白間條

Pelikan M605 White Transparent (2017) Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souverän條紋系列在1982年面世,當時推出的是M400綠條鋼筆。

這個系列的經典條紋設計一直享負盛名,而在2017年推出的M600 White Transparent 透明白條更令人眼前一亮。史無前例的純白色條紋,襯托着中空的透明筆桿,白色與透明相間的組合既時尚又實用。使用你愛用的墨水,為這塊純白的畫布添上色彩。


Pelikan M605 White Transparent (2017) Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Souverän series made its debut in 1982 with the introduction of the Souverän M400 Green fountain pen. This series has gained a renowned reputation for its classic striped design.

In 2017, the M600 White Transparent was introduced, captivating enthusiasts with its unprecedented pure white stripes. The combination of the white stripes and the transparent barrel creates a stylish look.

The pen features a piston filling system that allows for the storage of a large capacity of ink and comes with a smooth mono-tone rhodium plated 14k gold nib, while the palladium-plated clip and rings add an elegant touch to the white barrel.


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