Sailor PG Slim Mini Rencontre 2nd FP – Pistache 開心果綠


筆型:PG Slim Mini 迷你平頂系列

Color / 顏色
[2nd] Glycine Violet 藤紫色
[2nd] Pistache 開心果綠
[2nd] Vert Sapin 松綠色
Blue Ciel 天藍色
Bordeaux Fonce 酒紅色
Gris Fer 鐵灰色

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Sailor 迷你鋼筆「 Rencontre」推出了第二彈新色:
藤紫色 Glycine Violet / 松綠色 Vert Sapin / 開心果綠 Pistache


■【Sailor Rencontre 鋼筆】

筆型:Professional Gear Slim Mini 迷你平頂系列

“一期一会” (ichigo ichie) means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The concept originated from Yamanoue Sôji, a famous disciple of the Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyu. He believed that every tea ceremony is a unique encounter that occurs only once in a lifetime and therefore both the host and guests should devote themselves wholeheartedly to the occasion.

We should cherish every encounter we experience in our lives as it may never happen again. “Ichigo ichie” reminds us to seize the moment, cherish the present, and avoid regret in life.

■【Sailor Rencontre Fountain Pen】
“Rencontre” means “encounter” in French. It is a series created by the unique technology that brings together acrylic resin with excellent transparency and durability and a sophisticated marble pattern with a refined texture. The two materials merge together irregularly to form a one-of-a-kind pattern, making each pen unique.

This is a palm-sized fountain pen with a slim and compact body that is easy to carry. When the cap is posted, the pen becomes a comfortable size for writing.

Model: Professional Gear Slim Mini
Filling System: Converter & Cartridge type
[1st] Gris Fer (Iron Grey) / Bordeaux Fonce (Wine Red) / Blue Ciel (Sky Blue)
[2nd] Glycine Violet (Wisteria Purple) / Vert Sapin (Fir Green) / Pistache (Pistachio Green)
Nib: Medium Fine(MF), 14K Gold Nib

Weight 0.3 kg
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Color / 顏色

[2nd] Pistache 開心果綠

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