Sailor Shikiori The Sound Of Rain 四季織雨音系列墨水 – Potsupotsu


性質 Type:水性染料墨水 Dyed Ink
容量 Volume:20ml
尺寸 Dimension:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (墨水 Ink)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (連盒 With Box)
重量 Weight:94 g (墨水 Ink)、100 g (連盒 With Box)

Color / 顏色

In stock


墨水: しとしと Shitoshito – 淅瀝淅瀝的靜謐之雨 (湖水綠色)

墨水: ざあざあ ZaZa – 不停落下的滂沱大雨(藍色)

墨水: はらはら Harahara – 如霧般的細雨(梅紫色)

墨水: ぽつぽつ Potsupotsu – 細小稀疏的雨(紫藍色)

尺寸:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (墨水)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (連盒)
重量 Weight:94 g (墨水)、100 g (連盒)

Sailor Shikiori -TheSound Of Rain- Fountain Pen

The series portray the changing appearance of plants and trees throughout the seasons with scenes of rain and its aftermath.

Plants and trees sprout in spring, grow thick in summer, bear fruit in autumn, and sleep in winter. The rain makes noise as it falls on these plants and trees. The drops of water shine and the rain blurs our vision. The blessings of rain and dew moisten all living things.

■Spring Rain – Spring, the rain falling softly and silently.
Ink: Shitoshito (Turquoise)

■Summer Rain – Rain falling on the green leaves of plants and trees.
Ink: ZaZa (Blue)

■Drizzle – A gentle misty rain.
Ink: Harahara (Light Plum)

■Winter Rain – Ice cold winter rain.
Ink: Potsupotsu (Blue Violet)

Type:Dyed Ink
Dimension:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (Ink)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (With Box)
Weight:94 g (Ink)、100 g (With Box)

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 37.5 × 61 mm
Type 類型

Bottled Ink 樽裝墨水

Brand 品牌

Colour 顏色

Purple 紫色

Volume 容量

20 mL

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