Sailor Shikiori Sansui 四季織山水系列鋼筆 – 駒草 Komakusa


筆尖 Nib:中型 14K金筆尖 MF尖 14K Gold Nib Medium Fine
上墨方式 Type: 吸墨器/墨膽兩用 Converter & Cartridge type
尺寸Size: Φ17×124mm (包括筆夾 including clip)
重量 Weight: 16.8g

Color / 顏色

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■夕燕 (透明藍)

■駒草 (透明綠)

■撫子 (粉紫)

■羚羊 (灰紫)

筆尖:中型 14K金筆尖 Medium Fine (中細字)
尺寸:Φ17×124mm (包括筆夾)
重量:16.8 克

Sailor Shikiori Sansui Fountain Pen

A collection inspired by the beauty of the great vitality flora and fauna possess,
living tenaciously in the wild.

Nature shaped through the ages and the life nurtured by that bountiful nature.
Flora and fauna that thrive in mountains and by rivers.

■Yuutsubame (Transparent Dark Blue)
Swallows are said to be messengers of good fortune in spring.
They are a sight to see when they soar across beautiful skies at sunset.

■Komakusa (Transparent Green)
Dicentra, the queen of alpine flora, is also known as the “bleeding heart”.
Enduring an extreme climate, they flourish gloriously, high in the summer mountains.

■Nadeshiko (Light Violet)
The dainty flowers of “Yamato-nadeshiko” (dianthus superbus)
add elegant colors to lush fields along crystal clear rivers.

■Kamoshika (Purple Grey)
Quiet philosopher of the forest, the serow stands gracefully with poise,
braving the snowscape in its winter fur.

Nib: 14K Gold Nib Medium Fine
Type: Converter & Cartridge type
Size: Φ17×124mm (including clip)
Weight: 16.8g

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 180 × 33 mm
Type 類型

Fountain Pen 鋼筆

Brand 品牌

Pen Model 筆款

Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Sailor Shikiori 四季織

Nib Material 筆尖物料

14K Gold

Nib Size 筆尖

MF – Medium Fine 中細

Colour 顏色

Green 綠色

Filling Mechanism 上墨方式

Converter / Cartridge 吸墨器/墨膽

Trim Colour 筆飾顏色

Gold Plated Trim 鍍金筆夾

Body Material 筆身物料

Resin 樹脂

Cap Type 筆蓋類型

Screw Cap 扭蓋

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