Sailor Shikiori Japanese Fairy Tales 四季織童話故事系列墨水 – 垂髮 Suberakashi


性質 Type:水性染料墨水 Dyed Ink
容量 Volume:20ml
尺寸 Dimension:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (墨水 Ink)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (連盒 With Box)
重量 Weight:94 g (墨水 Ink)、100 g (連盒 With Box)

Color / 顏色

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Sailor 四季織「童話故事」系列就以四個耳熟能詳的故事為主題。


墨水:玉手箱 Tamatebako


墨水:鵲 Kasasagi


墨水: 垂髮 Suberakashi


墨水: 風切羽 Kazakiribane

尺寸:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (墨水)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (連盒)
重量 Weight:94 g (墨水)、100 g (連盒)

“Once upon a time…” Every place has its own fairy tales passed down through generations, and Japan is no exception.

The Sailor Shikiori “Japanese Fairy Tales” series are inspired by different characters from traditional Japanese folk tales.

■ Spring: Dragon Palace
— A young fisherman named Urashima Taro saves a turtle deity and receives a treasure box from the daughter of the Dragon King, Princess Otohime. She instructs him not to open the box. After spending only a few days in the Dragon Palace, Urashima Taro returns to land and realizes that hundreds of years have passed. In a state of confusion, he opens the treasure box and instantly turns into an old man of a hundred years.

Ink: Tamatebako
— A treasure chest from the Dragon Palace. When the chest is opened, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter all pass by.

■ Summer: Vega
— The Cowherd and the Weaver girl get married but neglect their duties, resulting in a punishment from the heavenly gods. They are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

Ink: Kasasagi
— The Magpie Bridge erected on the night of the Tanabata festival allows the separated lovers to meet.

■ Autumn: Princess Kaguya
— An old man named “Chop Bamboo” discovers a glowing bamboo shoot and raises the baby girl found inside. The girl, named Kaguya-hime, grows into a beautiful young woman in just three months. Originally from the moon, she is summoned by celestial maidens on the night of the full moon and ascends to the heavens.

Ink: Suberakashi
— On the night of the full moon in autumn, the moonlight shines on her jet-black hair as if welcoming the princess’s return.

■ Winter: Grateful Crane
— On a cold winter’s day, an old man saves a crane trapped in a snare. The crane transforms into a young girl and comes to the old man’s house to repay his kindness. Keeping her true identity a secret, the crane weaves luxurious silk fabric using her own feathers, allowing the old man to sell it and earn money.

Ink: Kazakiribane
— After the old man discovers the crane’s true form and the crane confesses the truth to him, they bid farewell. The crane spreads its wings and departs into the vast snowy landscape.

Type:Dyed Ink
Dimension:W 34 x D 34 x H 58 mm (Ink)、W 37.5 × D 37.5 × H 61 mm (With Box)
Weight:94 g (Ink)、100 g (With Box)

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 37.5 × 61 mm
Type 類型

Bottled Ink 樽裝墨水

Brand 品牌

Colour 顏色

Green 綠色

Volume 容量

20 mL

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